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Anonymous asked
Kane Chronicles or Harry Potter (Madame Maxime?)

Both have been requested already, try something else!

nicoangeli asked
hey i made a theme using your art as a background: /post/97830658404/theme12-di-immortales-preview-code-200px just thought i'd let you know (it's gorgeous btw) if you want me to use a different image i'd be more than happy to :)

Weeee, it looks great! The custom buttons/logos things are cool (I wish I knew how to code but eh).

Seriously, feel free to use any of my art to do edits or things like that! As long as it’s credited, I have no problem. And of course, showing me the result makes me very happy!



New images for the upcoming Asterix animated film “Le Domaine Des Dieux”  (The Mansions Of The Gods). 

A teaser trailer had been released, and a full trailer soon. The movie opens in France in December.

Source for the images (and more to be seen) :

pornodoro asked
how about hetalia? if you know anything about it!


Hetalia was something I reaally liked back in highschool! I’m not very original, but my fav character was my own country, Canada. I had created OCs for every province as well. That lil dude brooding on the side is Samuel, (Quebec). I remember making him a real pain-in-the-butt whiny teen who continuously planned to runaway from home but never gathered the guts to really leave haha!

Anonymous asked
Teen titans not stupid teen titans go!


When I was a kid I was so jealous of Beast Boy’s powers (though i really didn’t like that he was green haha!)

Anonymous asked
His Dark Materials!

Whazzat? Sorry, haven’t read. Try requesting something else!

Anonymous asked

Sorry, I never managed to get into Homestuck. Try something else!

Anonymous asked
Percy jackson???

Guys no pjo for these requests, please! That’s what I draw all the time anyway!

Try something different!